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  • OFF ECR, Vayalur - Thirukazhunkundram,
    State Highway, Nallathur (on Palaar River Bank)




Here’s a list of amenities that CS Water Meadow has to offer:

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  • 108 Rasi Nakshatra Circle
  • Panchatatva Walkway
  • Rainbow Walk
  • Mud Walk
  • Steam Bath
  • Sun Bath
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Spa
  • Fish Spa
  • Wellness Spa
  • Herbal Garden
  • Miyawaki Forest
  • Swimming pool + Jacuzzi
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  • Turf Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Box Cricket
  • Jogging Track
  • Rock climbing & Rappelling
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  • Open Air Theater
  • Restaurant
  • Pool side Dining
  • Centralized Water Supply
  • Underground Power Supply
  • Paver block Roads
  • 100% Power backup
  • 24X7 Security & CCTV

World-class amenities to match global standards in living include:

108 Rasi Nakshatra Circle - Signifies the Kundalini to rise to the mountain of axis in one's body with the Kundalini Chakra in the body at the level end of the Spine!

Panchatatva Walkway - A circular track made of eight components. which are based on the five elements (Panchabhutas)—Prithvi (earth), Jal (water), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), and Aakash (sky).


  • Rainbow Walk - a simple, fun way to practice mindfulness with Little using our sense of sight. Focusing on the world through a single sense is a powerful way to anchor our awareness in the present moment and
  • Mud Walk – is an exciting and adventurous way of acquainting oneself with a unique nature reserve


  • Steam Bath - Steam room “improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, clears congestion, promotes skin health, aids in workout recovery, loosens stiff joints, burns calories, boosts your immune system, and removes toxins and
  • Sun Bath – Research shows there can be benefits to sunbathing and spending time in the sun. Exposure to sunlight can boost mood, resulting in better sleep, and helps vitamin D production, which strengthens bones and may help fight certain diseases.
  • Yoga and Meditation - Practicing yoga will make you more flexible, as well as increase your muscle strength and tone.


  • Ayurvedic Spa - Effective ancient cleansing and healing techniques that improve the overall wellness
  • Fish Spa – Reduced callouses, smooth skin on the feet, and exfoliation of dry skin and rough patches and
  • Wellness Spa - Wellness is a contemporary approach to health, drawing from the holistic medical practices from around the world


  • Herbal Garden - A dedicated space in a garden, devoted to growing a specific group of plants called herbs or medicinal plants and
  • Miyawaki Forest – Grows in two to three years and is self-sustaining. They help lower temperatures in concrete heat islands

Swimming pool + Jacuzzi - Both swimming in a pool and relaxing in a hot tub have both proven to relieve stress

Get some peace and magnificence away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

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