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Managing Director at Sigaram Group of Companies

The Sigaram Group was established by Dr R Chandrashekar in 2004. The Sigaram Group has successful businesses in several sectors including real estate, education, health, hospitality, chit & finance, business lounge. With the intention of empowering maximum number of people through his initiatives, Dr Chandrashekar has built self-starter teams throughout his companies that not only replicate his positive attitude but also achieve desired results efficiently.

Our Mission

To create a healthy nation through affordable vacations

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Sigaram is a diversified business organization in India, committed to providing world class services for its customer and partners in the sectors like Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Health care, Finance and Media Services. Sigaram Group owes its success and leadership position to it’s core philosophy of “ Caring you and our world for a better tomorrow” a guiding principle for holistic development. Sigaram Group, the name thousands of families vouch for trustworthiness and best business practices.

Exclusive Features


Future Proof

Inspired by the creative architectural works around the world, every inch of constructed area inside CS Water Meadow is designed to look and feel futuristic.


Assured Returns

With us, you finally have a way to make your investments work for you and generate profits at periodic intervals rather than keeping them sedentary.


Affordable Luxury

Gift yourself the joy of living at CS Water Meadow. Our market price is surreal when compared to the features and benefits that we promise.

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Developed by one of the most professional, reliable, and accomplished property developers in the country, we help you realize your dreams of owning a villa at affordable prices. The infrastructure and engineering employed by our organization are tuned to match the best. CS Water Meadow believes that its obligation to its customers and partners goes beyond the project.

Approved Risk-Free Investment

Approved Risk-Free Investment

CS Water Meadow is an opulent DTCP-approved wellness vacation resort villa project. We can assure you that there are no hidden risks involved in buying, owning, or renting a property here.

Located In City’s Vacation Hotspot

Located In City’s Vacation Hotspot

ECR is one of the most sought-after vacation spots in Chennai and CS Water Meadow is situated right in the centre of it. There are going to be tourists piling around your property all year round.

Multiply Your Money

Multiply Your Money

Considering the amount of guest rental requests that our villas receive, you can earn a sizable profit amount every month while retaining the ownership of your property.