Customised Villa


  • Plot Area: 2400sqft
  • Compound Wall
  • Private Lawn
  • Private Car Park
  • Private Sit-out
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Lotus Pond
  • Lilly Pond
  • Private Swimming Pool - Warm Pool
  • Private Barbeque area
  • Nice Water Canal & Water Falls
  • Cabana Rooftop
  • Mud Block
  • Mud Concrete
  • Plot Area

    The entire villa can be built in an area of 2400sqft and above. Customized villas provide sufficient space according to your need along with serenity and peace of mind.

  • Private Lawn

    Customize a private lawn and/or garden where you could just sit, relax, and spend some quality time with your family in a sense of calmness surrounded by the lush green ambiance on the site.

  • Compound Wall

    Not only a villa but we also give complete privacy like an individual bungalow with a complete encircling compound wall.

  • Private Car Park

    Your privacy begins here! A private car park area close to your villa. Not only away from the hustles and bustles of the city but away from all the staring eyes inside the premises.

  • Private Sit-out

    A private affair to yourself. A place where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and spend some quality time surrounded by your loved one which is something that everyone longs for.

  • Private Swimming Pool

    Luxury begins here. You can own a private swimming pool in your backyard, on your terrace, or in the basement as per your need.

Be it a small family gathering or a large friend’s reunion we have the perfect villa to host your guests. The customized villa is designed as per your wish and has a spacious design to enjoy those vacation moments with loved ones. Customized villas reflect your personality. You can add your dream essence to every corner of your villa. You could have a dedicated room for gaming, reading, or partying. Build your villa in parts or modify it as your wish considering your budget. Create a room for a private garden, barbecue, discotheque, movie screening, swimming pool, fountain, play area, or anything that you have just dreamt of. Build your own customized abode without leaving a big hole in your pocket.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a villa fully customized as per your requirements and within your budget. Yes, you no longer have to book for your lavish holidays renting premium villas. You could own your very own astonishing scenery, lavish finish, exceptional quality raw material, and glamorous design to calm your senses over a weekend.

Features for Customization Tips

The Grand Entrance - There's nothing more appealing than an entry that beckons richness and warmth. Give small detailing such as flowers, traditional brick & stone look, an antique door, or a water fountain that would leave a great impact on the guests on their very first visit.

Brighten up Your Villa - Add huge chandeliers in your large living room for a royal-like feel and bright living. There are many contemporary elements for your lighting décor styles. Bring a glamorous, huge, stunning chandelier that is bespoke.

Bring in the Sun/ Starlight - Plan your design keeping natural light and wind flowing in. Create a cozy effect with plenty of room for windows and an open area for bright natural flow entering the villa. Experience the sunrise, and sunset, or take a glimpse of the stars in the night.

Vaastu-Based - When you get a chance to build it your way, do it the right way. You could design your villa planning as Vaastu compliant.

Customized Villa

Private Garden - Flowers, vegetables, or ornamental foliage, be certain to allocate some space for your private garden when you plan to customize your villa. Take your customization to the fullest of your advantage with a garden along with a cozy patio in between. You could hang a swing that will create the true bliss of being a luxurious villa owner.

Kitchen Style - The kitchen is the essence of any home. Designing it with some practicality is very important and throw in all your dreams about a modern luxurious kitchenette. Be sure to illustrate the vacation mode in your mind before drafting your kitchen plan. Try to leave the required room for storage and space for yourself in the area.

Dressing Area - Are you a photogrammer? Then this is an extremely important area, we are looking into. We know how important your clothes, accessories, and gadgets are to you. Take your chance to build your very own walk-in closet/ wardrobe area.

Staircase Design - Do you like the stairs inside your home like how you’ve seen all along on the television? Why wait? Just build it... Ensure you go in for small and sleek stairs not occupying more space that can be utilized for something else.

Pool Design - A vacation without a pool is a joke, isn’t it? Permit some budget and space for a luxuriously appealing pool. Ensure to add the tiles and the colors that would complement your exterior design.

At CS Water Meadow enjoy & relax with the wellness & leisure activities, socialize, and grow along. Overwhelm your guests in your customized wellness vacation villa. Considering the amount of guest rental requests that our villas receive, you can earn a sizable profit amount every month while retaining the ownership of your property.

Hurry, only a few customized villas are planned, and you could be one of the proud owners of it!