Private Villa


  • Plot Area: 1200sqft
  • Built up Area: 813sqft
  • Private Lawn
  • Private Car Park
  • Private Sit-out
  • Mud Block
  • Mud Concrete
  • Plot Area

    The entire villa will be built in an area of 1200sqft. Our villas will provide a sufficient living area along with serenity and peace of mind.

  • Built-up Area

    The built area of the villas would be 813sqft which will comprise all the best-in-the-class amenities that the family rightly deserves in this fast-moving world.

  • Private Lawn

    The villas will have their own private lawn where you can just sit and relax and spend some quality time with your family in a sense of calmness all the while surrounded by the lush green ambiance we provide on our site

  • Private Car Park

    Having a private car park is a luxury that many house owners won’t have. It’s always a good thing that you can park your car without any hassle. Imagine just driving in parking the car at your leisure and switching on your relax mode. Perfect, isn’t it?

  • Private Sit-out

    The sit-out is a place where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and spend some quality time surrounded by your loved one which is something that everyone longs for.

  • Private Party Space

    A Private Party Space filled with crystals surround by the camp fire area.

Private Villa is a perfect getaway home for small families who are not only looking for a great holiday but also need that additional space to relax and enjoy that morning cup of coffee. A private lawn, a private sit-out, and loads of space around the villa are sure to make every vacation of yours a memorable one. Every house is a mirrored image of the life that the owner leads. Villas, to some extent, represent elegance, refinement, and an elite lifestyle. If you’re bored with nosy neighbors and prying eyes, a villa could be a terrific alternative. you will enjoy the advantages and conveniences of a communal dwelling while keeping your privacy. villa communities are lush, with luxurious amenities and services. they supply security and round-the-clock upkeep, allowing residents to experience the advantages of communal life. designated play areas, and other natural leisure places, allowing residents to thrive within the midst of nature’s bounty.

Villa Details

Once you enter the villa you will be welcomed by the sight of green yet sophisticated entrance vestibule. Moving in you would be entering the serene courtyard with a fireplace. The interior of the villas comprises all the best-in-class amenities with the intention of providing the ultimate sense of calmness and serenity while providing all the technologies, a perfect blend of nature and technology. The master bedroom will give you the ultimate sense of calmness that you deserve after a long and exhausting day. The villas also come with kids’ bedrooms where the children get their own fun time they crave for.

Peace of mind is the ability to let go of those ambitions and desires. This can be achieved by a mental state of calmness or tranquility freedom from worry and anxiety at your 2BHK villa. The serene environment of the CS water meadow provides an ambiance that’s quiet and free from disturbance. Come indulge at your very own 2BHK villa and take a trip back in time and experience the luxurious lifestyle of yesteryears in our mud houses also enjoy lavish bungalows with trendy amenities, in the midst of the beautiful and serene nature. Building mud houses is more art than science. Our carbon-free mud bricks can prove to be a solid and durable construction material for all the walls as well as the floor in our villas. This type of construction can last for centuries without developing any cracks even during times of natural calamities like floods as well as earthquakes. Don’t mind being caught in the luxury of our mud houses or the list of several power-packed and fun wellness activities, either way, you will get rejuvenated for an all-new fresh start.

These Private Villas at CS Water Meadow are an opulent DTCP-approved wellness vacation resort villa project. We can assure you that there are no hidden risks involved in buying, owning, or renting a property here. ECR is one of the most sought-after vacation spots in Chennai and CS Water Meadow is situated right in the center of it. There are going to be tourists piling around your property all year round. Considering the amount of guest rental requests that our villas receive, you can earn a sizable profit amount every month while retaining the ownership of your property. Spas and beach volleyball? Yes! Steam baths and Wellness Spa? Yes, we have it all! There are over 20+ amenities designed to make your vacation days unforgettable. We guarantee 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, and power backup throughout the entire establishment to keep your property and our guests safe and secure during their stay here.