Studio Villa


  • Plot Area: 600sqft
  • Built up Area: 540sqft
  • Cluster Model
  • Swedish Architecture
  • Mud Block
  • Mud Concrete
  • Entrance

    Breezy entrance with a vivid decorative water and lotus flowerpot

  • Furnishing

    Spacious living with hardwood finish (Termite treated wooden fittings) with stucco walls and terracotta roof. The villa also comprises a sofa, two-seater dining, king-size bed, television unit, and a worktable & chair

  • Interior

    Living cum dining space, bedroom with attached bathroom, and Spanish-styled modular kitchen divided with a decorated wooden wall frame

  • Electrical & Networking

    3-Phase with individual meters with modular switches. Wiring for Air-conditioning. Network plug-in socket provision in living & bedroom.

Owning a Villa at CS Water Meadow is pretty simple, just decide the size that suits your requirement, and we have the perfect match for you. Studio Villas are the perfect holiday home for a small family and suit people looking for that much-needed weekend break. With top-quality specifications and great quality of construction, we can assure you that the Villas will be an incredible investment for your family.

Considering the amount of guest rental requests that our villas receive, you can earn a sizable profit amount every month while retaining the ownership of your property. Get away from reality and get the pampering you deserve at CS Water Meadow. Going back into nature in a luxurious way you’ll feel like a royal. Fulfill your life even more heavenly and relaxing from our facilities that are a rich source of energy with a great combination of Vacation and Wellness. The villas are based on Swedish-style architecture.

Why Swedish Style Architecture?

Swedish architecture is the thing of social media fodder. When one finds beautiful homes on the web, they save and screenshot them immediately for future reference. it's interesting to notice that numerous of those beautiful homes we see on the net are inspired by Swedish architecture and style. This type of architecture has utterly clean lines, understated elegance, and completely soothing shapes. If you have got been to great cities like Seville, Barcelona, and Madrid, you'd recognize them in a very jiffy, but nowadays, one picture of those great cities helps you to know just what sets them apart. It's no surprise that the Swedish style of architecture is now accustomed design premium homes, everywhere around the globe. Swedish-style homes are inspired by the colonial architecture of Swedish rule and incorporate many key design elements like stucco and terracotta roof tiles. Swedish-style houses vary widely but have some common features that set them except other architectural styles. Swedish colonial houses draw strongly from Mediterranean building styles. Many of the utilitarian elements meant to form homes cooler in an exceedingly hot climate, like stucco walls and terracotta roofs, are now beloved details of this design style.


With living styles changing, people are now shifting to owning studio villas, for their own privacy and a number of other benefits that come in handy with it. It had been earlier a thing that big family accustomed to living together, under one roof and enjoying their lives to the fullest. But with the change of your time, people are now more particular about their lives alone. They don’t want any reasonable intrusion in their lives, be it their neighbors, or maybe their relatives. People nowadays wish to live their lives in peace and with class.

With this modification of mindset, the market has also emerged. Builders are now more focused on studio villas than the other thing. because it is high in demand by the purchasers, builders and developers have changed their style. With the emerging lifestyle, people are more attracted to a serene home, which is secluded from the noise and pollution of the cities so that they can live their lives the way they require.