Unveil the living experience at CS Water Meadow

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Unveil the living experience at CS Water Meadow

Unveil the living experience at CS Water Meadow

Featuring all of the amenities of five-star resorts within the complete sequestration of your own villas. CS Water Meadow is the ultimate destination for a hearty retreat. As the fashionista of the arising heartiness trip trend grows, CS Water Meadow offers a luxury pique to large holiday crowds by furnishing resort- suchlike amenities for guests to rejuvenate in total sequestration.

With a private on-point gym and state-of-the-art amenities, CS Water Meadows is clearly a luxury heartiness retreat. There are multiple benefits to spa treatments, walkways, and a swimming pool Jacuzzi. Featuring all-natural wellness activity areas and custom spa treatments designed to relax and revitalize.

The wellness center includes a spa center with all of the rearmost technology upgrades as another way to rejuvenate. Indeed, more luxurious are the steam room, yoga room, Miyawaki forest, herbal garden, and many more.

CS Water Meadow Location

This luxurious 10-acre wellness resort is located off the East Coast Road, near Palaar Riverbank in Nallathur. While the location is near numerous popular conditioning and destinations, at CS Water Meadow you'll be in an isolated and private corner. Sigaram is a diversified business organization in India, committed to providing world-class services for its customer and partners in the sectors like Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Health care, Finance and Media Services. Sigaram Group owes its success and leadership position to its core philosophy of “Caring you and our world for a better tomorrow” a guiding principle for holistic development. Sigaram Group, the name of thousands of families vouches for trustworthiness and best business practices.

Sigaram Holding (P) Ltd. offers a redefining lifestyle with wellness, vacation, luxury, and comfort of enhanced spacing, stylized living refined further by new generation amenities, and close proximity to the city’s major locations. We are very proud to launch our new Project ’CS WATER MEADOW’, where you can Relax, Rejuvenate and Rejoice and get appreciation in multi-folds.

Stay Options

Customize your experience with the villa manager to make it the wellness retreat of your dreams. As a private holiday home available for reimbursement, CS Water Meadow features Studio Villa, Private Villa & Customized Villas. Another amenity of the resort is the wide range of in-house activities.

Guests have the option to bespeak a top cook to prepare succulent health-centric reflections in the menu to their specifications. Guests can indeed work with the Villa manager to bring in a particular coach to the private wellness or yoga center to guide them through a motivational drill or daylight yoga session.

The secret of how to live a longer, healthier and fuller life is a riddle. But not at CS Water Meadow. A place where you can witness a pioneering emulsion of exceptional healthcare, wisdom, and holistic heartiness, combined with luxury hospitality.

Based on the studies from ancient Vedic and modern wellness methods the SIGARAM GROUP has developed a Wellness Vacation Village concept utilizing the power of Cosmos, which gives you both revitalization and rejuvenation along the way. Different methods, like naturopathy, Astro-science, and modern elements are used in the design. The very structure of this village helps you to clean, calm and re-create your inner self instantly. CS Water Meadow stands out you'll be surprised at how celestially you'll feel after like you’ve never felt before. The holistic approach to the preventative drug is supported by the 50 leading specialists of its medical center, aiming to fulfill the physical, cerebral and emotional requirements of every guest.

This amazing place offers a hand on Revitalization program, as well as a series of medical, wellness, and beauty programs that are precisely drafted by culled croakers and therapists devoted to enticing life to its fullest eventuality.

Feeling good and luxuriating in a range of exclusive treats is an essential part of rebalancing your energy. CS Water Meadow offers the most refined escape, with 5-star hostel services. Designed for a multi-sensory experience over its 10-acre space. The wellness room has a collection of high-tech and traditional curatives, promising results-focused treatments, relaxation, and enjoyment.

CS Water Meadow nutrition energies a life of health and vitality. Throughout the stay, the platoon of expert nutritionists gives substantiated advice for long-term balance, while the educated cook crafts healthy and inspiring dishes acclimated to every need and thing.

Wellness tourism is continuing to grow, and CS Water Meadow is clearly the most luxurious heartiness destination. Bespeak your stay to relax and rejuvenate while girdled by luxury.